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At this point, the Law of 22 Prairial was introduced to the public without consultation from the Committee of General Security, which, in turn, doubled the number of executions permitted by the Committee of Public Safety.

Maximilien Robespierre

Louis was dethroned by his crimes; Louis denounced the French people as rebels; he appealed to chains, to the armies of tyrants who are his brothers; the victory of the people established that Louis alone was a rebel; Louis cannot therefore be judged; he already is judged.

After the National Assembly moved to Paris, the Club began to admit various leaders of the Parisian bourgeoisie to its membership.

However, when he himself is in power, it should not be challenged by protest movements.


Paris may have need of help. French revolutionary politicians believed a stable government was needed to quell the chaos. In the assembly of the bailliagerivalry ran still higher, but Robespierre had begun to make his mark in politics with the Avis aux habitants de la campagne Notice to the Residents of the Countryside of His social ideal consisted in reducing extreme inequalities of wealth, in increasing the number of small property owners, and in ensuring work and education for all.

Unlike some Girondins, Robespierre specifically opposed judgment by primary assemblies or a referendum, believing that this could cause civil war.

Louis was a king, and our republic is established; the critical question concerning you must be decided by these words alone. Robespierre had many of his political opponents executed during the Reign of Terror.

Is it not He whose immortal hand, engraving on the heart of man the code of justice and equality, has written there the death sentence of tyrants. The journal served multiple purposes: A staunch believer in the teachings of Rousseau, Robespierre believed that it was his duty as a public servant to push the Revolution forward, and that the only rational way to do that was to defend it on all fronts.

I have demanded the abolition of the death penalty at your Constituent Assembly, and am not to blame if the first principles of reason appeared to you moral and political heresies.

During court hearings he was often known to promote the ideals of the Enlightenment and to argue for the rights of man. The most extravagant idea that can arise in a politician's head is to believe that it is enough for a people to invade a foreign country to make it adopt their laws and their constitution.

After his parents died, Maximilien and his three siblings went to live with their grandparents. Between and probably inthe remains of all those buried there were moved to the Catacombs of Paris. The economic situation in France was rapidly deteriorating and the Paris populace became restless.

As for myself, I abhor the death penalty administered by your laws, and for Louis I have neither love, nor hate; I hate only his crimes.

Maximilien Robespierre

On the day after the emancipation decree, Robespierre delivered a speech to the National Convention in which he praised the French as the first to "summon all men to equality and liberty, and their full rights as citizens," using the word slavery twice but without specifically mentioning the French colonies.

They may have exaggerated his role to downplay their own contribution and used him as a scapegoat after his death. Domingue effectively liberated themselves and formed an army to oppose re-enslavement. He fought for universal suffrage, for unrestricted admission to the national guard, to public offices, and to the commissioned ranks of the army, and for the right to petition.

Many of his subsequent essays were less successful, but Robespierre was compensated for these failures by his popularity in the literary and musical society at Arras, known as the "Rosatia".

Robespierre Essay

The colonial lobby declared that political rights for blacks would cause France to lose her colonies. Robespierre had made many enemies in his absolute rule, and they began attacking him through press and in the Convention.

French Revolution

In the convention, Robespierre urged the execution of King Louis XVI and led the Jacobin attack on the Girondists, moderate republicans who were in control. Study 31 Robespierre Essay flashcards from Alex R.


on StudyBlue. Robespierre’s political testimony have largely been inserted by the men that usurped him and it is a view that persists to this day. The case of Robespierre proves, once again, that history is often the account of the victors over the vanquished.

A collection of essays covering not only Robespierre's thoughts and deeds but also the way he has been portrayed by historians and fictional writers alike. Reviewed at the Wayback Machine (archived 9 June ) by Hilary Mantel in the London Review of Books, Vol.

22. Kids learn about the biography of Maximilien Robespierre from the French Revolution including his early life, entering politics, the Jacobins, gaining power, the Reign of. Free Essay: Twenty thousand to forty thousand died; it is still unknown exactly how many people were lost through the blood drenching event of the Reign of.

Robspierre essay
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